Exposing the enemy through FEELINGS

I wanna share with you this morning a few ways the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy.
He’s crafty and he understands that one of the greatest ways of getting to us is through our FEELINGS.
He uses situations that are most important to you.
Like goals.. and looks to point out any weak moments or minor setbacks your having. Resulting in condemnation.
He uses people that are most important to you to say something that will allow you to FEEL rejected.. whereas if anyone else had told you, you wouldn’t have felt that way.
If it is most important to you to get to service on Sunday mornings, he will allow you and your spouse to get into a disagreement beforehand… knowing you will focus on your feelings instead of worship or the message.
He knows that feelings such as frustration, anger, disappointment, failure, rejection, bitterness, hopelessness, etc. inside of a person can and will be used to steal
your peace,
your joy,
your identity,
and your focus
He wants those feelings to fester.
I’m angry
I’m hurt
I’m offended
He will then feed you thoughts like,
Nothing’s ever gonna change!
You’re a failure!
You’ll never get better!!
This is the way it’s always gonna be!
As he feeds you these thoughts, you think they are YOURS because it is YOU thinking them.
But truth is it’s the enemy speaking these lies to you and allowing you to ponder these things in your heart…
He waits for you to just throw in the towel and give up.
He uses moments when an addicts life is finally looking up again only to drag them down and tempt them to relapse.
He will allow your insecurities and frustrations to work against you so that you will be quick to lash out on a loved one… as he then plants hurtful seeds inside of them that now shout, ‘you’re unimportant!’
He reminds us of the past so that we can point fingers as he brings back up the pain… taking responsibility off of ourselves that is intended for growth.
Feelings of guilt, shame and condemnation make us want to isolate so that we run and hide from seeking help.
Unaware of the enemy’s schemes, we look at the person in front of us thinking they are out to get us…. as he hides behind them never to be noticed.
Or he uses tragedies that affect us the most, to point a finger at God and ask where he was in all of this? ‘This must be my karma,’ they say as they except the enemy’s harm as God’s purpose or plan.
If we FEEL separated from God, all of GOD’S goodness is void.
You are in no way separated from God!
The enemy even uses FEAR to make all of your decisions for you so that you are SO careful! Hes a liar! Not only is he stealing life from you, but the one you’re making those decisions for.
God may even send your healing through another individual…. until one day you FEEL suspicious of the person sent your way, disconnect.
The bottom line is if you don’t take authority over those feelings and shut him/them down, They/he will shut you down!
In most moments, easier said then done.
Especially on days when I feel tired, powerless, drained, beat up, etc.
Days when the enemy wares me down through the relentless battles…
God would you open our eyes and ears to your ways and his.
May we be discerning throughout the day and see things through the lense of truth.
Teach us our authority and our identity and what it looks like to walk in it.
May we walk in your strength and your power and not our own..
May we continually be there to encourage and help others during their weak moments and fall back on others during our own…
Lord, give us wisdom in the moment and teach us how to fight during times of battle.
Most of all Lord, may we see you come through in ways like never before and know you with a deeper intimacy throughout the process.
With God all things are possible.

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