Losing Someone Really Close to You

​This morning I just wanna take time to pray for those who have lost a loved one..
Where one day your whole world caved in and life stopped.
If only you could have one more day, one more memory together, one more moment.
Some expected, some unexpected but it’s all the same.. Just looking for some kind of closure but too afraid to let go.
A piece of your heart is still missing and you just wish that the pain would go away.
As a hiker that walks up a steep mountain and stops to catch a breath… worn out from the journey, so is your life, day after day.
So many things racing through your mind and things you would have done differently..
Some having regrets and just wishing they could go back!
Walking through life but if life knew you weren’t really there.
In some cases days seem like they are getting a little easier, only to stumble upon a trigger and reliving it all over again.
Father I just lift these up to you..
I pray Lord that they would see you.
That they would sense you holding them.
You are their safe place and their shelter in the storm.
They are not alone.
I pray Lord that you would release them of this burden they carry and as it is surrendered to you little-by-little, you would show them you are Healer.
Fill them with your peace that surpasses all understanding.
Release them of the spirit of fear that whispers lies in all they do.
Take with the enemy has done and bring good from it.
Whereas when the enemy whispers thing like, ‘Where was God in all of this?
Or continually wears them out with the ‘what if’s’
Father I pray that these things would be shut down.
That you would expose the enemy for who he is and bring joy everywhere it has been stolen.
Allow questions to be answered..
Build them up with your strength and truth
Allow them to move forward in places they struggle the most.
Bring healing to areas that are unrecognizable anymore.
Soften hearts once again.
Bring light to the darkness.
Bring rest to the weary soul.
Provide in ways that need provided for.
Loose chains.
Allow them to know they are not forgotten and never were.
Open their ears to you.
Lead them moment by moment into their healing, in whatever way that looks.
May they feel your presence from this point forward in a way like never before.
Go above and beyond my prayer Lord, and don’t allow my words to box you in.
Restore health!
Remove any physical pain as well.
May they pick up their mat and walk once again.
Bless them beyond measures and may they walk with a relentless favor ♡
I ask all of these things in the name of Jesus, Amen
As I was praying this prayer, I saw a vision of you lifeless on the floor…
God himself was resuscitating you.
His breath filled your lungs and it brought you back to life!

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