How Are You Treating People?

This season I am beginning to see people through a whole new lense.
I’m noticing and paying attention to how I’m treating others and how others are being treated.
I’m seeing how big of a deal it is to God!
He’s showing me the importance of how we respond to people throughout the day (situations big and small).
Sometimes it can be a simple as a smile.
Sometimes it’s letting the person behind you that seems so busy, go first.
Just looking for needs.
It’s paying attention to those around you instead of being focused on yourself.
How are you treating people that cut you off the road?
Is it Grace or revenge?
Whose fruit are you walking in? God or the enemy?
If you wake up looking to bless others and listen for divine opportunities throughout the day, He will definitely take care of all of your needs.
It’s partnering with God even (and especially) when it’s a sacrifice.
If you’re careful in the way that you REACT and RESPOND to others (even in the smallest of details) God says your portion is blessing!
He says that when you pray, your prayers will be heard.
When you need rescuing, He will be there!
When you look for Him, you will find him!
Just ask and He will Give!
You need protection? you got it!
When you sin against others, it’s personal to Him.
When you criticize, it’s personal!
When you talk about people behind their backs, it’s personal so choose your words carefully!
Trying to ‘get under people’s skin’ or intentional wounding for laughs, breaks His heart.
If you’re responsible for hurting people (physically or emotionally), it’s personal.
And if you’re the one being hurt, don’t think it has gone unseen! He sees you.
One of the biggest thing that trips people up is JUSTIFICATION.
When people have been wronged they feel it is OK to treat others in the same manner.
But an eye for an eye is not His heart.
He says, be good to them in these moments and I (He) will deal with them for you.
Anytime my kids fight I tell them to come to me and not deal with it themselves (for most things)…
But if they act revengful then they now get to also deal with the consequences.
Another thing that holds people down is their feelings.
People will normally ‘act’ on their feelings…
So if the enemy can make you feel a certain way then hes got you..
He knows where your weak.
Feelings such anger, frustration, bitterness, jealousy, etc. Especially in the moment…
But how do you think it makes God feel when you go after your child in anger?
Or the server that you yell at who just got slammed with 4 tables at once?
Do you think it’s OK for the person in front of you to be a nervous wreck because you didn’t leave on time?
These things matter!
And when you do things for others, it’s like doing unto Him.
Moms, God’s word basically says that even when your doing things throughout the day like washing dishes or folding laundry, your being seen, by Him. So do it with joy in your heart because your work is not in vain.
Jesus summed up the entire law and made most important that we treat and love others as we would ourselves.
In Isaiah 58 God discusses fasting.
People fast to get God’s attention.
But God says in this chapter that the way to get his attention is watching how we treat other people.
And then he even goes on to say that your prayers will be heard and you will receive your healing when your obedient in this area.
He says, if your looking for me… This is how to get my attention!
In Matthew God makes at another point by saying that before you even offer him a gift at the altar, go make right FIRST anything that you have done wrong to someone else. Then your gift will be acceptable.
So powerful!
But be of good cheer because we all mess up And thankfully we have a God who is very patient with us!
We all have our days where we walk in the moment and not the Spirit.
God’s looking for someone who’s hearts desire is to be good to others even when they are always messing up in the process.
He loves nothing more than when we are repentant for our actions and go back in humility to make right the hurt they’ve caused someone and He will honor you for making things right even if they are not ready to forgive.
No matter what side you’re on, He’s still on your side.
He sees all, He knows all and hes ready to help!
Don’t run from him, run to him!
Hes got keys to unlock doors that you didn’t know were possible.
When you’re ready to change and surrender this area of your life, Hes ready to help.
Last, If you feel like God is against you and you are experiencing karma because of it, the devil has deceived you…
Trials and turbulations are a part of life and the enemy is out to get you, not God!

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