Feeling Stuck In Your Time With God?

For those of you who feel STUCK….
You WANT God to help you but you don’t know where to START…
You don’t know what to do in your time with Him
Or when you pick up the Bible you just don’t UNDERSTAND it.
If that sounds like you, then this is for you today 🙂
I would like to share some things that I do in my time with him so that you can pick from it and use it for yourself.

I remember back in the day I used to go to everyone I could think of and asked this question…
What do I do in my time with the Lord?
I just felt like if somebody could Give me some kind of answer, then I could/would do it.
But supprisingly, no one could give me a solid ‘this is how’.
Probably because they didn’t have one themselves?

So I struggled. And it was tough.
But I made a choice to wake up everyday anyways and zombie my way out to the front porch.
Somedays exhausted…
Somedays clueless…..
Somedays bored….
Somedays I felt lifeless and empty still…..
Most days I felt that my time was in vain..
But I knew that there HAD TO BE MORE life out there than what I was experiencing. And your time with the Lord is never in vain!
So I faithfully got up anyways, whether I felt like it or not.

Not knowing what to do in my time,
I just felt that as long as I was doing something, anything, it was better than nothing.
But little did I know,
Time spent without the Spirit = rules, a religious spirit, works, and I still felt empty and lifeless.

(John 5:39-40)
You search the Scriptures because you think they give you eternal life. But the Scriptures point to me! Yet you refuse to come to me to have life.
Wow! How many times have I chased a prophet to find God, a sermon, etc.

Then something changed!
I found out that I could hear God’s voice for myself.
I began listening to the messages on YouTube by Mark Virkler on, “hearing the voice of God.”
Even when I had doubt, I pressed through.
I CONTINUALLY prayed that God would open my eyes and ears to see and hear him.
Much trial and error.
Excitement and disappointment.
Faith and doubt.
Heard the enemy and heard God.

I write in a prayer journal in the mornings.
I love prayer journals!
I find that I can express myself through writing easier than talking.
I love to look back at the things that happened and the way that God answered them.

So I would start by journaling usually whatever burden or circumstance I was struggling with from the previous day
or “whatever the Spirit has shown me from the previous day”.

I would focus on only one
(the biggest one)
so that I wouldn’t feel overwhelmed.
After I would finish writing or asking God questions about that circumstance I would then ask, “Lord, what lies am I seeing/believing about this
and what would you have to say about it (the truth)?

Then I would SIT, WAIT, and LISTEN

The Holy Spirit will speak to you in many different ways but these are some of the ways that he shows me things…

-Sometimes he will lead me to a story in the Bible that relates a lot to my circumstance.
– Sometimes he will lead me to a song and as I listen to that song, I find what I need.
– Sometimes he will have me search Google for a godly devotional, and he will speak to me as I’m reading it.
– Sometimes he will have me search google for (example) ‘what does the Bible have to say about fear. And then I will listen as I’m reading for what he is saying.
-Sometimes he will show me a vision.
-Sometimes he will have me look up scriptures for that particular area.

Everyday and EVERY adventure is different. But the Bible says that
He is your Counselor.
He is your Comforter.
He is your Strength in times of weakness.
He is your Teacher.
He will answer you and tell you great unsearchable things that you don’t know. He is Life and life in abundance.
He is Truth.
He is for you and not against you.
He has gone through everything that you are going thru and
He has overcome.

When I feel satisfied in what he has shown me for the morning then I usually pray through it, asking him to continue showing me more in this area through revelation.
I get very specific and in detail with my prayers and don’t just pray surface prayers.
I also find that my heart is so thankful by this point for everything he has shown me and spoken to me so I end the morning in PRAISE.
(Ex- thank you so much Lord for everything you have shown me today, you are so awesome.)

He gives hope, revelation, strategy and he fills you up.

I ask him for ears to hear him throughout the day and in EVERY DETAIL of my day.
And His eyes to see. His perspective changes everything!

Renew your mind, renew your mind, renew your mind, I cannot stress this to you enough.
(I am always asking Google, what does the Bible have to say about this and I read up on it.)
God desires for you to study as long as that doesn’t become your main focus but revelation is the best!

I hear him for everything. Even in the small things like, take that out of your grocery cart and go put it all the way back on aisle 1.

I’m telling you guys, this is life changing stuff. I could go on and on but I think you get the point.

God is so good.

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