God Sees And Focuses On The Final Outcome

God has really been showing me a lot on how important to him the FINAL OUTCOME is.

Isaiah 55:8-9
For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord.
As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.

As a parent I have a set goal in mind that my children may not understand.
An over -tired child cannot understand why I am putting them to bed.
The final result is what I’m looking for. I have in mind their over-all best for them but they only see their circumstances so they fight me until they fall asleep…
They want to eat what they want to eat, but as a loving parent I am trying to teach them discipline, self control and how to eat healthy so that they don’t suffer with obesity and disease down the road.
They may think I am being mean but I have what is best overall for them, in mind. Their understanding is limited.
I am looking for the final outcome…. but they can only see their circumstances for the ‘right now’.

I could go on and on with the list of ways that my children and I see differently, at times they understand and other times I don’t expect them to.

I teach/show my children things because I love them and I also discipline my children because I love them.
Leading them to where they can make their own good choices for themselves (not by force).
God does the same.

The God who sees our hearts, knows our thoughts and ways, lovingly molds us into the destiny that He has planned for our lives.
He has good plans for us and He is for us, NOT against us.

Personally I have found that the “process” is where I learn more about God and His character (as long as I am staying focused on HIM and his Word).
When I go through trials focused on the enemy and what he is doing, I find that my desert times are MUCH longer. (the Israelites stayed in the desert for 40 years)

My focus continually looks like this, ” Lord, is this you trying to show me something, or is this an enemy attack?
And if it is the enemy, how would you like me to walk this out?”
It’s important to take authority over the enemy and lean on God for your strength.
I then listen, go to the Word, seek Him through prayer for strategy (step by step) focus on Him, look for the good in it and continually ask to see from his perspective and not my own… Show me the bigger picture to all of this God!”
Grief is the toughest obstacle and much support is needed in greiving situations or seasons.

Overcoming and Victory is His goodwill for me and through it, shows other people his Power and Goodness. It is the whole reason that he died for me.

Many times God will use or set things in our path to mold us into what he would like us to be, (for ourselves and others).
The inside things are important to him. He desires our hearts and motives to be pure, full of love, good character, the fruit of the Spirit (joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness etc)

God does the inside work and we are responsible for the outside. If there is no real inside change then we are forcing and striving to be something that we are not. What is in your heart will eventually come out…

So ponder this… What if everything my daughter goes through, she came to me and said, HOW DO I HANDLE THIS MOM?
My brother just knocked me over, how should I respond to him?
I don’t wait well in time out, could you show me how to better do this? Etc..
What if she came to me about everything and ask me how to handle it down to the very detail? What if not only did she hear what I had to say but was obedient to it whether she felt like it or not?
In big people’s terms we call this having a relationship with God and being led by the Holy Spirit. We call it being diligent in prayer through all of our circumstances.

You may be struggling right now with a lot of chaos or unresolved wounds. Maybe everything looks messy and turned upside down? He wants a greater intimacy with you, He wants to heal you, revive you, restore you and use you for others.
One day and circumstance at a time. It is not too late to start now and if it looks too BIG, that is his specialty!

Holy Spirit would you speak to each and everyone of us today and help us to stay focused on you… Teach us your ways and bring us into relationship with you more intimately through communion. Open our ears to hear you and our eyes to see you more and more. Set us on fire for you God!

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