Above and beyond obstacles and day-to-day circumstances, is grief.
It’s way more than just seeing your circumstance differently or renewing your mind.
It’s a shift in your whole world.
It’s a crushed heart.
It’s a tornado of many different feelings all at one time, swirling around you.
It’s as if everything that was once in place has been lifted in the air and recklessly tossed, destroying what was once life to you.

It involves shock, bunch of questions and whys.
Just as a stroke patient have to learn how to do everything all over again….
If there were one message you could get across to the people,
it would be to appreciate what’s in front of them because in an instant it could be taken away.

So often people experience the news of your tragic situation with you, and are there for a little while,
but that slowly fades and the shock eventually wears off.
Left feeling all alone, along with the day-to-day circumstances that can push your days into overload….

For some are left hopeless, in a deep despair and a depression….
A dark place

And for some, even knowing the Lord, are continually bringing him their burdens and weariness. Some days even unable to speak….
Doing everything they know to do; struggling to stand.
Going to the Lord almost every minute of every day and on some days they just want to hide.

I want to pray for you….

Father I lift up this precious soul to you.
Your Word says that you are close to the brokenhearted.
Romans 8:26- 27 says that when we can’t even utter a word in prayer, your Holy Spirit intercedes for us.
My heart truly rejoices and says thank you God…
I pray for peace that surpasses all understanding, that as they go throughout the day, the whole atmosphere would be filled with your peace and favor.
That you would place this person on the hearts of those nearby so that they may be your hands and feet.
I speak to their mind, and I say be at peace.
I speak to their heart, and I say let go of all that pain you’re holding in.
I speak to your weary body and I say be strengthened.
Peace be over your mind and body as you sleep.
Father for those who come up against daily ‘triggers’ in memory,
What do you heal and move in only a way that you can move.
Any fault that has been placed on you God, for the enemy and what he has done, would you open eyes to see the truth.
(the enemy’s job is to steal, kill and destroy)
Father God, would you fill all of the empty holes, with your love and your presence!
Would you make a ways where there seems to be no way.
Bring miracles in places that need miracles and restoration, healing.

I come against all assignments of the enemy and I silence his lies in Jesus name!
I rebuke the spirit of depression, hopelessness, anger, confusion, sickness, added burden, destruction, and division.

God would you fill those places, bring truth/ freedom, hope and life again by your Holy Spirit.
It’s in your precious name I ask all these things god, Amen.

I see a vision of the Lord following you around, everywhere you go….
He sees it all and he knows it all.
He loves you with a love that you can’t even understand.
He cries when you cry.
And he expects nothing out of you.
You are closer to him than you think you are, and nothing could ever separate him from you.

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