Loving On Him First

Good morning friends 🙂 the Lord has shown me so many things about His nature and character through day to day life with my children. I found this is his biggest way of communicating with me. So simple yet so profound.

Every morning when my kids see me, first thing they ask is their list of requests. “Mom can you make me something to drink I’m thirsty? I’m hungry I want something to eat. Can you type in this cartoon on the computer so I can watch it?” Sometimes when I see them I stop them and tell them, “I already know!, you’re hungry, you’re thirsty and you want to watch TV.” In which it is okay for them to ask me what they need because I am their mother but man what a nice change it would be if they came out and loved on me instead.
And then I would go outside and in my quiet time do the same with God. ( until he opened my eyes I would lay out all of my requests as if he did not know what I already needed. As I began to just worship Him first thing in the morning and thank Him for who He is and what he has already done, ponder and meditate on his love for me, seeking his face in amazement for all he is to me (such power) He’s changing me all over again from the inside out. He will open your eyes to a whole different perspective on life. Your heart will be so thankful. Just getting into his presence telling him how beautiful He is.

Mommy’s and daddy’s don’t you just love it when your child comes up to you for no reason at all to tell you that they love you with no motives behind it? There is nothing greater than a child who is so incredibly grateful for all that you are! What are special child! He desires that same intimacy with us.

Matthew 6:26, 6:7, 6:8

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