Our Power And God’s Power

It just blows me away how much power we have over our lives.
In every single circumstance,
all throughout the day,
we have a choice as to what we do with how we’re feeling,
thoughts that we think,
and the attitudes that come along with both of them.
Lord help me to remember this more than I do.

I used to think that we just wake up and live life the way its handed to us,
having no idea that life can be lived ‘on purpose’ and ‘with a purpose’.
I used to think life was repetitive and boring… exciting only every once in a while.

I was reminded of a truth the other day as my husband was sharing with one of our children that, our response towards someone is our choice.
It’s not about what they’re doing to us but how we choose to respond.
‘but they are getting me so frustrated because they won’t stop’
Said one of my children,
And my husband repeated back that, your frustration is your responsibility and you can choose to handle it differently.
Choose to not let it frustrate you…

The Bible tells us to renew our minds which means to take our thoughts and replace them with God’s thoughts.
When I first began doing this it seems like a ton of work and almost impossible but when you’re sick and tired of something you will do whatever it takes to change it.
After some time and effort, I noticed such a change in my attitude and feelings all because of my thoughts.
Not only can you replace your thoughts, but lies spoken over you that created insecurities and false identities.
It’s one thing to notice a negative thought but it’s another thing to replace it with the truth, which brings life.
If you notice yourself having a bad attitude/day, stop and check your thoughts.
One thing that I often change in my vocabulary that makes a difference in my PERSPECTIVE is replacing,
‘I have to’ with ‘I get to’.
But just as forgiveness is not a one time thing and it’s a continual process daily, so is renewing your mind.
If you’re not ‘focused’ on it, you may go back to your old way of thinking until you realize what is going on.

Feelings and circumstances….
The Bible says we have been given authority which means we don’t have to let circumstances beat us down and take over. We get to beat them down and take over them.
Most times this is a very difficult area for me to remember…
Such a huge key in living life victorious, through God.
Sometimes it’s more comforting to nurse our feelings and feel them just because we want to, or feel like it.
Sometimes I get angry and don’t want to change the way I’m feeling because it feels good to feel that way (so i think) but I believe that is the enemy’s deception to keeping us there.
As long as he can get us to believe that we can’t change the way we are feeling (because it’s too hard) or because we have that right, then he has won.
When we know who God has created us to be, our identity, and the power that we have, everything changes!
When we know our rights and the truth, we have no problem standing against the lies and schemes of the enemy.
Sometimes I remember this towards the end of the battle, lol.
And sometimes I’m not mad enough to handle the situation with the authority that has been given,
and I wait till I am nearly knocked over dead, until I take action.
The Bible says that we have been given authority over sickness, demons, darkness, the winds and waves.

The Bible says that power is in the TONGUE (life and death)
another thing we have tons of control over!!!
Its just crazy to me how wounded a person can be from an individual’s careless words!
But another thing I’ve learned in this area (from a friends wisdom) is that
as long as we don’t come ‘into agreement’ with the lie that someone has to say about us and we know what God has to say instead (the truth) (our identity), then this seed of rejection cannot take root.

So what is God’s part then if we have all of this control and why do we need God?

Daily, I recognize my need for God more and more!
Our God is a God of restoration!
He takes what we have messed up through sin and wrong choices, and makes it New again!
Things like,
Our heart.
(The Bible says he can change the heart of kings)
He restores broken marriages/relationships,
He heals physical wounds, emotional wounds and spiritual wounds in a way that only He can do.
He opens eyes to see in a way that only He can see.
He knows how to open and close doors that we cannot.
He gives His peace to our anxieties,
His rest when we’ve over done it,
And carries our burdens, just because He’s good.
He protects beyond any way that we can protect.
He provides strength in our weakness.
Comfort in times of morning.
Salvation, which can not be earned.
Grace and mercy even when we don’t deserve it.
He changes our circumstances and situations thru something as simple as prayer and intimacy.
And listening to His voice for strategy.
He fills those empty places.
He gives wisdom, understanding and perspective that changes everything.
Through him we have and live with a purpose.
When fully submitted to Him, He changes us and it overflows into lives around us in a way that only He can do through us.
We have the choice to forgive and renew our minds, love and so many other things but he gives us the power through the Spirit, to do things that we cannot do in the flesh.
He says ask, and it shall be given to you.
Believe and you shall receive.
Have faith and nothing will be impossible for you.

So which areas do you struggle with, if not all of them?
Lord help me each time I forget.
Help me to focus on you all throughout the day.
Make yourself and your ways real to me today.
Open my ears to hear your voice
and my eyes to see from your perspective.
Soften my heart in a way that only you can do and remove from me anything that is not pleasing to you.
Help me change my thoughts with truth by your Holy Spirit and your Word.
Help me remember today that my attitude is my responsibility
And that the way I treat others is my problem and not theirs.
Give me your strength when I feel like things are too hard.
Help me in being obedient to your voice even when I don’t feel like it.
Help me in building up people around me rather than tearing them down through my perception of what is going on.
Help me to forgive myself and forgive those that I have offenses against.
Show me what is really going on…
Show me roots that are beyond my natural ability to see and heal me in a way that only you can do.
I love you God and I thank you that you created me on purpose with a purpose.
You came so that I may have life and life in abundance, and I want that. I want you and all you have for me.
All that you have created for me to be:)

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