The Act of Giving

God has been sharing some insights with me in the area of giving this year that I would love to share with you.
I would encourage you to open your mind and heart while reading this, allowing Holy Spirit to transform you from the inside out.
I hope this answer some questions and tears down some strongholds at the same time.
It all started with a friend of mine who works at the church and her ministry is continuously giving. She supplies the community with food, clothing when available, and many different resources.
My eyes really began to open as God used her to target ME. I can’t tell you how many times I had planned on going to the store to get something specific and she would hand it to me that day. ‘Don’t thank me, thank Him’ she would say.
I began to ponder these things daily.
God had not only used her but He began to send others into our lives to bless us as well.
It was like rain. It was the FAVOR of God that we dream of but don’t believe is for us. It wasn’t even a sacrifice to Give because I felt so full and had plenty.
All of my needs were met abundantly.
This was another area that blew my mind.
God didn’t have to teach me a lesson to show me something. I didn’t have to lose in order to gain. (Soak that one in!)
At first it started with little things…
I would have a few of something that I only pretty much needed one of so I would listen and watch for the need around me waiting for the opportune time to bless someone else.
It’s OK to have a stockpile of something but keep in mind that it’s for sharing, not hoarding.
It is so exciting when you ask God ‘who can i share with’ and he leads you to the answer throughout the week.
You begin to see a new side of Him as you watch Him meet the needs of his people and even the wants or desires of their hearts.
This is another work that God had to do in me because I once had believed that He only is willing to meet our needs and stops there.
I now see that God wants us to enjoy our lives and when he gives you permission in an area… Receive it.
How do you feel when you see your kids at the fair? What if they refused to go believing it wasn’t your will for them to ever enjoy themselves? Not only do they get to celebrate life in the moment but so do you as their joy is your pleasure.
It is the same for the Father as well.
Life is hard and if we don’t think that blessing and goodness is our portion from Him then we start living from a religious, lying mindset that robs us of any joy and expectation.
He enjoys blessing us!
The Bible says he is a rewarder…
And then I was overwhelmed that he was giving me brand new things that were not even opened yet.
I used to believe that He could ONLY bless me through a trash pile.
Funny but true.
I boxed him into my poor-man mentality and believed that was all I was worth.
Now don’t get me wrong, I still LOVE pulling up on a pile that has a treasure waiting for me and I don’t believe that ‘I’m too good for it’, I’m just saying that I don’t have to limit Him anymore.
I do the same with my kids. Sometimes I get them garage sale stuff and sometimes I get brand new Walmart toys. It’s both. Not one or the other.
A few months ago my husband had shared with his followers that he would love for his family to be able to go on the ministry trips with him. He travels throughout the year wherever he is asked to come and minister and would love for us to experience these things as a family.
I believed that it was God’s will for us as a family but wasn’t sure how he was gonna work out the financial situation.
Especially something that big!
I know how tough it is day-to-day and what it is like to live pay check to pay check.
In my mind and heart I had limited God on what he could do because of my fear.
Thankfully He moved past me and my own insecurities and allowed true givers to come alongside and bless us.
The bible says he loves a cheerful giver and that’s exactly what he sent to us.
To my AWE and AMAZEMENT we are now traveling as a family with the most amazing RV! I am beyond humbled and grateful… and the families who contributed were seen by the Provider himself and will lack none by what they gave.
I’ve learned that looking and listening for an opportunity to bless someone will in return bless you.
God is a limitless God.
Blessing is his nature and character.
It his will for you.
Listen for your part and watch as He does his.
Don’t get in His way either because if you believe you have to sell something in order to achieve your goal then he is gonna let you. It’s Important to listen and wait.
Your part may be as simple as obedience or faith/receiving. If you are not willing to receive, God nor man will push you…
Another way that I used to limit God was asking and believing for a certain daily limit. When I was a waitress I would ask God for specific amounts so that my needs would be met. Every single day that was exactly what I made in cash tips. So in doing that over and over and seeing the results of prayer being answered, I then believed that because this the fruit being produced in my life, this was truth. When the truth is God was answering what I had prayed and if I had believed him to go beyond my ‘set’ limits, he could/would have.
This is not some claim it and believe for a billion dollars message… This is just stating that if God has placed something on your heart, or for your own personal situation, believe Him for it.
Seek Him concerning it.
Wait on Him in the process.
There is no formula.
You have to ask and listen for him yourself.
Its personal
and you may have friends as Job did that know nothing of what they’re talking about so don’t allow their whispers to de-rail you.
Be confident in what GOD TELLS YOU so that doubt is quickly pushed aside.
Just as God uses some to come and encourage, the enemy also uses people to discourage.
I believe there are some things we can do on our part to unlock these blessings.
*The 1st is like I had mentioned above,
seek God for His will on behalf of you and your family.
*You must be a good steward of your money and or possessions.
*Don’t be stingy and don’t waste.
*Tithing Is not an option and it’s a joy.
It’s also one of the only areas in the bible where God says test me. Be faithful even when you feel like you can’t (stand in faith and remind him of his promises while you wait for your miracle).
*When God prompts you to give, be obedient. Not rational (God has blown me away in this area as I watch things unfold AFTER OBEDIENCE).
I am always looking and listening for a chance to give or be a blessing. Its called being relational with God/ being led by the Spirit.
Sometimes it requires sacrifice and sometimes it’s not a sacrifice at all.
This morning I had even asked If it was his will to give what was on my heart for someone yesterday. I asked him to confirm it and then 10 minutes later I saw the words light up ‘2nd Corinthians’ in vision.
As I shuffled to get through, the 1st thing I opened up to was chapter 8.
It was titled giving generously!
As I read through I came across a truth that set me free.
Verse 12 says, for if the WILLINGNESS is there, the gift is ACCEPTABLE according to what one has, not to what you don’t have.
Another version even says that God doesn’t ask for what they don’t have!
There so many treasures in scripture pertaining the topic of giving.
I could go on and on but maybe one day I’ll have a part 2. Lol.
Praying for you that God would begin to release this same favor over you and your family as you believe and walk out the will of God for your lives.

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