The Next Level

Jon and I had a discussion this morning about God moving our lives to the next level. In prayer we asked God to do this

I then asked the Holy Spirit to bring me on an adventure and show me what this looks like, this is what I wrote….

I’m picturing Mario, in Mario Brothers and how he’s got to go through and beat all of the obstacles in the way.
None of the levels are the same and each is its own journey.

Even when you beat an enemy in one level, you may come up against it again in another level.

Sometimes you have to die over and over again but through it you learn just a little bit more strategy on how to conquer when you come up against it next time.

Some games are exciting, nerve wrecking, frustrating, easy or hard.

Some days in life we run through feeling invisible.

Some, we fill up on the Holy Spirit, (the mushroom) that allows us the ability to jump on and squash our enemies, jumping into places that we cannot reach when we are small. And when we come into contact with the enemy, we shrink and are incapable of the fullness of that level.

When you’re a small Mario, there are even tunnels and secret places that you cannot access.

Some levels, just when you think you’ve seen it all, appear flying ducks.

Just as if the journey wasn’t hard enough itself, there is always a huge enemy you must conquer to move forward.

We’ve worked so hard and moving forward and some games that we, ‘must get that code’ so that we don’t have to repeat em.

Some of us feel the need to compete with another player and some like to play alone.

Some get stuck in one area everytime and cannot move past it so we give someone else the controller hoping they’ve got what it takes to help us move forward.

Some care more and some care less.

Some create and some just play.

Some call it a hobby and to others it’s a fantasy.

But in the end… (readers, this is where I need your help and would love to see what others come up with)

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