Who Is God For You?

many people wonder…

In Luke 9:20, “but what about you? Jesus asked. Who do you say I am?”

God is far more, than you could ever want or imagine…..

He is not just some hope or imagination; a new way of coping…

He is so very real that sometimes it’s been scary and I’ve just gone silent, in awe….

He is the one who stretched out his mighty hand and pulled me out of addiction…..

In the most lonely of times, he has been there. Right beside me!

Through pain and sickness, he has been my healer and deliver!

In days where I was hopeless, he has been there to lift my eyes and give me hope once again!

In days that I want to just run and hide, he has been my hiding place…

In days where I just cry for help, he heard my voice and answered me.

He sees all and knows all that I go through

He cups his hands together and gives me a push up, into the places that need ladders.

Hey gives me keys and unlocks doors that I know nothing about.

He does things inside of me that are unexplainable and cannot be done in my own strength.

He makes light, those things that are dark.

He breaks chains that have me bound

His ways, thoughts, heart and love are so beautiful and I can’t get enough.

He’s my teacher.

He counsels me.

He helps me when I need it and where I need it.

He brings me back to life when I’m dead and lifeless.

He loves me with a love that is so overwhelming that I can’t help but to love him back.

He does and says what no one else can do or say, and in just the right timing.

He keeps his promises.

He sheds light on the situation and shares the truth with me.

He gives me gifts and gifts me.

He goes before me and shows me the way.

On days where I am weak and I want to give up, he carries me through.

He speaks to me and any word he says to me, happens.

He is so flipping exciting and full of adventure!

He is destiny for me and shows me how to walk in it; purpose.

He doesn’t make me do anything but give me the choice to make on my own.

He equips me and has already defeated my enemy for me

He enjoys me,
delights in me,
I’m the apple of his eye,
He raises me and builds me up,
He’s for me and not against me,
He has forgiven me and remembers my sin no more.
He dances over me while I am unaware,
I’m his daughter.
He has a place waiting for me in Heaven so that I can be with him forever.
He is my favor,
He makes me brave and bold,
He gives me a voice,
He honors me,
He’s my shield,
He’s my rock,
My provider,
My protection and safety,
He’s unconditional,
He wants me to be a part of everything with him so he uses me.

The list could go on and on… Who is he to you or who would you like him to be to you?
It all starts with your heart.
Talk to him. He’s listening


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